LA COLÈRE face à leur brouhaha


MIX recorded by SERA VOCERA in one-shot the 10/05/2020 in Paris [Release Date 10/09/2020]

Hard Techno Mix, Industrial Techno, Noise-Techno Mix
About This Project


16 min of HARDTECHNO music with a POST-PUNK signature. This 140BPM mix features underground producers like: ANSOME, K Ø Z L Ø V, DJ SKINHEAD, TYMON, AYARCANA, 74185# and more… (*ANGER for their brouhaha)

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© Mix & Cover+ by SERA VOCERA
*featuring a MUNCH’s sketches

[00:00] ANSOME – Granite & Mortar
[01:18] MANNI DEE feat. EWA JUSTKA – London Isn’t England / ANSOME Remix
[03:18] TANYA LEIGH – Machine / AYARCANA Remix
[04:30] REBEKAH – Ghost Stories
[05:14] ISTIGKEIT & ANGEL KAREL – You Ain’t No Punk, You Punk
[06:40] KØZLØV – Høøligan
[09:14] 74185# – Stop Report Me For Hate Incitation Bitch
[10:46] PERC – Hyperlink / TYMON Remix
[12:22] THE KOTZAAK KLAN feat. DJ SKINHEAD – Funkelheit
[13:44] DJ SKINHEAD – Extreme Terror III (Re-edit)